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GT-158-6027 Mitchell St, Tema Ghana

Cyber Risk Protection
Awareness Mastermind

Transform your organization’s risk - Security awareness masterclass for
corporate Business Executives Get ready to learn and unlearn how to avoid digital risks.

Cybersecurity risk within an organization has never been greater. Other programs focus on completion rather than effective behavioral changes. Dico Academy cybersecurity awareness training focuses on behavior, delivering a complete solution to motivate compliance and minimize costly security breaches.
Cybersecurity has become a threat across the globe, affecting every organization’s infrastructure, productivity, and operating capacity. The reputational and monetary damage that comes with a breach is a large concern. The amount of sensitive information your organization maintains presents an appetizing target to hackers.

Why security awareness?

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error

The average cost of a data breach is $3.8M USD as of 2020.

Studies show that most data breaches are the direct result of internal user error and can be avoidable. There are basic measures organizations have begun to take to protect such sensitive data and securing this information is every employee’s responsibility.

The key to achieving maximum security faster and easier is to know what steps you should take that do not compromise your security and that's exactly what you will learn from the training program.

The training and guide provide you with information on various tricks hackers implement. Even better, you are one step ahead of them by telling you exactly what you’re doing wrong. Reduce the risk of human errors, and make your employees an active part of your defence strategy. Get ready to learn and unlearn how to avoid digital risks

Dico Academy’s modules

Cybersecurity Awareness Training-CAT is a five-module course that helps to educate and equip employees with the tools needed to better secure company data. Our training provides security lessons focusing on common threats that will help change behaviour and raise awareness of dedicated information security. Modules focus on popular intrusion tactics such as phishing and malware attacks, risks protection, and password best practices, privacy and data governance.
Scope overview is as follows

Backup, backup, backup

Patching ALL of your devices


2-factor authentication

Internet safety & email

Phone scams

Privacy concerns

Data Governance

The program was developed in collaboration with a team of cybersecurity and software training experts with over 20+ years in their respective fields.
Dico Africa is a leader in providing digital Risk consulting for Businesses, brands and VIP’s. The training was designed as an engagement platform built to deliver module-based education to organizations around Africa.

Training Outcome

Participants will understand Cyber hygiene, Threat intelligence,
Threat Mitigation strategy.

Equipped with in-depth knowledge from this training course, you will be able to transform your organization’s knowledge of cybersecurity threats and lower the risk of personal and organizational data breaches, phishing attempts, and malware threats. Your team will also be provided with training on best practices for password creation, social media, and free Wi-Fi usage. When it comes to cybersecurity, employees should be educated and trained appropriately to help reduce cybercrime altogether.

Equip your executives


Security awareness is a training program that seeks to equip executives in a company to understand cyber hygiene and threat intelligence.

Why do companies need a security awareness masterclass? Human errors are involved in over 90% of all security breaches, training helps executives gain threat intelligence, mitigate risks and promote a more secure approach to digital life.

It’s flexible, you can either choose an online masterclass or in-person, organizations can arrange with our team. It comes with presentations and real attack demonstrations.

Since 91% Of Cyberattacks Start with an Email, our masterclass is focused primarily on email security, helping business executives understand various tricks hackers can implement and how to mitigate them.