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GT-158-6027 Mitchell St, Tema Ghana

Digital Commerce Cloud
Infrastructure and Risks management

All-in-one solution for digital commerce solution verticals, protecting digital risks from threat actors. Optimized Performance and optimum security for eCommerce at scale. Secure shopping experiences for your customers, we have your back 360, 24/7

What makes us different

The only platform that truly protects Digital commerce,
this is how we work with you

Infrastructure Threat Monitoring

We monitor internet exposed infrastructure such as web apps, curation of assets inventory along with monitoring of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. We protect both your application and infrastructure from breaches and attacks.

Secure Hosting Cloud Delivery

Analyzation and Optimization with super Powerful Tools. Better Performance 100% Uptime. We increasing the uptime of e-commerce storefronts with super powerful tools that ensure your infrastructure is always ready for any volume of traffic.

Headless and PWA

With tailored cloud delivery infrastructure for headless storefronts and PWAs, merchants can concentrate on enhancing search visibility while improving customer experience.

360 Managed security 24/7

End-to-end security solution to protect customer data from malicious threats that impact your brand reputation. We watch across sources to identify and report exposed brand assets. Cyber threat monitoring, Brand threat monitoring.


In principle Yes, hosting is part of our offerings but we do more than just a high-growth eCommerce hosting product, we take care of your cloud infrastructure, Cyber threat monitoring, Brand threat monitoring, and more like your security extended team so only focus on sales and promotion of business.

It’s one thing to host a site/app and quite another to manage its security and provide risk protection for everything about your business. We are offering you digital risk solutions, Infrastructure threat monitoring, cyber threat monitoring and Brand threat monitoring solutions in one offer, this is our differentiators from other services.

Many of our customers want ongoing vulnerability assessment, and risk protection on their platforms which other eCommerce hosting providers don’t offer, Dico commerce offers complete peace of mind knowing you have managed security and e-commerce hosting, and brand threat monitoring in one offer.

We are a cloud-agnostic provider, many customers use our encrypted cloud for utmost security and many others also prefer AWS, Azure, Google cloud and Digitalocean, Linode and many others, simply put we work on any cloud.

We are a unified provider giving the best value on a single platform. (360 Managed security 24/7 and top-class digital Commerce hosting management). Our pricing comes with these two elements, talk to us to know the make of business.

Yes. Every plan comes with cyber insurance of a sort, we identify and fix any security issues with your sites. If any site is hacked, we clean it up for free without additional cost.

Cyber threat monitoring, – Threat monitoring includes surface web and Deep and Dark. Source code/repositories leaks, Server credential leaks,3rd party Data leaks, and Card leaks. Brand threat monitoring- threats that impact your brand reputation, Brand abuse monitoring, Rogue application monitoring, Fake domain /phishing site monitoring, Fake app monitoring, social media fake accounts and pull-dow. Infrastructure threat monitoring- webapps, curation of assets inventory along with monitoring of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Web application scanner, Regular port scan, Regular SSL scanner

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Secure Cloud hosting for
high-growth Digital commerce

Improved and Fast Performance to accelerate page views and end-end website performance optimizations, including backend application infrastructure. We help to make the most of cloud technologies, DevOps, and 24x7 DevSecOps Support

Get your head out of the cloud with freedom of choice and grow your business. We ensure your eCommerce platform is safer and better supported than anywhere else Services-24/7 Managed Support, Dedicated Solutions Manager

Customized Service Level Agreement (SLA), Data & Files Migration, Daily Data Backup, Automated Backup and Disaster Recovery, CMS Core Plugin Patching Loop, Vulnerability Assessment, Premium CDN, Auto Scaling Hyper-Resiliency

Dedicated and fully optimized for eCommerce storefront. Nothing shared, no interruptions Unlimited visitors.

Platform as services

run anything and pay for the only resources you use.

Startup owner holding clipboard with annual bussiness charts happy with turnover results sitting at desk with laptop. Entrepreneur comparing key performance indicators on portable computer.
Encrypted cloud

Protect your Data from threat actors and prying eyes
We encrypt everything with military-grade encryption technology with zero knowledge.

Client Use Cases

Find out how our clients encrypted their data in the use cases below

Database Encryption

Blockchain Encryption

Cryptocurrency Encryption

CMS & ERP Encryption

File Server Encryption

Application Encryption

Customer Data Encryption

Accounting Software

App Encryption

Trading Application

Terminal Server Encryption

Webserver Encryption

Let’s build your digital commerce cloud infrastructure while you focus on your core business