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Dico for Governments

We help Governments reclaim their Digital sovereignty

Why do Governments need Dico solutions?

The concept of digital sovereignty and security is becoming increasingly important. A solution developed by Dico allows for self-hosted file sharing and collaboration within the government and its agencies without being watched by big tech companies or threat actors.


Remain digitally sovereign

It is important for government functions to be independent of individual vendors, and they should not be under the pressure of foreign governments, hackers, or big technology companies.

Protect citizens data

Digitization has led to an increase in privacy and security challenges. It cannot be seen that governments leak citizens’ data.


The need to digitalize

Remote work, real-time collaboration, and secure, fast document exchange are some of the ways governments can improve productivity.

End to end encryption

Prevent Government data leakage by implementing military- grade strong Encryption in-Transit and at Rest. Encryption Of Physically Servers, Encryption Of Cloud Servers And Data, Encryption Of A Virtual Data Center.


Email communications

Prevent your email communication from becoming a postcard, Secure email that protects your privacy. End-to-end encryption and zero-access encryption to secure your emails.

Let’s prevent your government from data breaches