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GT-158-6027 Mitchell St, Tema Ghana

Why do brands &
businesses love Dico?

We are the most comprehensive Cloud security and Privacy ecosystem in
Africa protecting digital assets for People, Brands and Businesses from Risks.
6 Key reasons why you should be on Dico.



Infrastructure Threat Monitoring for all digital commerce verticals

We monitor internet exposed infrastructure such as webapps, curation of assets inventory along with monitoring of misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. We protect both your application and infrastructure from breaches and attacks


Digital commerce Secure Hosting Cloud Delivery

Analyzation and Optimization with super Powerful Tools. Better Performance 100% Uptime. We increasing the uptime of commerce storefronts with super powerful tools that ensure your infrastructure is always ready for any volume of traffic. Headless and PWA -Architecture with tailored cloud delivery infrastructure for headless storefronts and PWAs, merchants can concentrate on enhancing search visibility while improving customer experience



Cyber and Brand threat monitoring

Cyber threat monitoring, - Threat monitoring includes surface web and Deep and Dark. Source code/repositories leaks, Server credential leaks,3rd party Data leaks, and Card leaks.

Brand threat monitoring- threats that impact your brand reputation, Brand abuse monitoring, Rogue application monitoring, Fake domain /phishing site monitoring, Fake app monitoring, social media fake accounts and pull-down.


Email and communications
risks protection

How we help brands and businesses
with Domain protection service

-DMARC email authentication-Protect your domains against impersonation attacks by configuring SPF, DKIM and DMARC for your organization. We provide implementations and ongoing protection

Protect and secure inbox- detect and flag email threats for end-users in your organisation, we provide outbound email protection Lookalike domains- Stop phishing attacks by disarming malicious lookalike domains and provide integrated takedown ensuring your employees, customers and supply chain stay protected. Data sovereignty for your organization’s Communication Secure file sharing and collaboration


Zero-Knowledge end-to-end Encryption

Confidence in data protection and security, Protect your Data from threat actors and prying eyes. We encrypt everything with military-grade encryption technology with zero knowledge. Encryption Of Physically Server, Encryption of Cloud Servers and Data Encryption of a Virtual Data Center, SSL, Encrypted VPN, email encryption and Custom Encryption.


Help businesses with Cybersecurity talent sourcing and Technical Interviews

The largest cyber army at your command. Find, assess and hire the most talented