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GT-158-6027 Mitchell St, Tema Ghana

SECURE. PROTECT. LEARN. Do it all with Dico

We provide Unified Cloud security and privacy solutions to protect people, brands and businesses in Africa from digital risks.
We aspire to create a digitally secure Africa.

Our Services

What we do

We Minimize your Digital Risks and Build your Cyber-Confidence straight from Africa’s only security and privacy ecosystem at your side. Prevent data leaks, prevent your data from being sold, and protect your brand reputation. Your tomorrow’s perception is here today!

Infrastructure Risks

Secure multi-Cloud Delivery and Risk management of exposed infrastructures, such as webapps, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.

Risk Monitoring

Cyber Threats, Dark web Monitoring, Brand Monitor, monitoring of surface web, dark web for credential disclosure, data leaks, Card leaks, frauds, Scams and more.

Communication & Data

Email security, Protection from BEC, Spoofing and Phishing. and Data privacy with zero knowledge encryption.

Security talent as a service

Hire cybersecurity Talent for a project or full time from our community, the largest cyber army at your command

Our Partners

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Strict Swiss Privacy


Our customer reviews

“We had launched a campaign a few weeks ago and we were getting cyber-attack threats. We couldn’t concentrate on the campaign due to constant worrying. DiCO immediately scanned our computer and phone for any Trojans or Adware. They found one and got rid of it. Then I secured his data, personal information and cloud storage. we were grateful to DiCO for the support, now we concentrate know that they have our back”

Government Official South Africa

Business Owner

“I had some reservations about the security software we used for our company. The software caused lagging and would need daily maintenance, being the busy man didn’t have the time for this. We reached out to DiCO for assistance, they got rid of the old software and secure our cloud storage along with my social media profile. Took down some suspicious account impersonating me. No more worrying. No extra cost on maintenance”

A Distinguished CEO Nigeria

Business Owner

“With DiCO, we were able to find a better email service for our company. We benefited from a complete solution for emails and email security at a reasonable price. DiCO gave us competitive options and objective guidance. We Only focus our business without worrying about issues with security “

Kuottam Group

Business Owner
Elevate Your Skills

Resources & Skills

Elevate Your Skills for secure growth with Dico Academy- Digital Risks awareness masterclass for Business Executives Our resources and tools are designed to help you learn digital risks for secure growth. Learn and unlearn cyber hygiene from our mastermind



Get expert safety tips on Digital Risk protection


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Get all the support you need to protect yourself and your business online

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Explore our community to discover how businesses are keeping safe by managing their digital risks.

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GT-158-6027 Mitchell St, Tema Ghana