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Assess Your Candidates With Our Community

Hire the best freelancers for your business within 48 hours. CyberView is strengthened by our unique Peer-To-Peer Screening Process. We conduct a Hacker Challenge and SecurityTech Interview. We match candidates with senior experts of our Cyber Army to prove their cyber skills.

That’s how we strive to provide you with the best services possible. We make sure that you will hire only the most skilled experts who are being accepted into our Cyber Army.

Boost your hiring targets

60% Average Cost Reduction Per Successful Hire

Effective assessment We save our clients teams’ crucial working hours and costs by making sure their candidates are a great fit and on-par with our clients and our own high quality standards.​

8/10 Candidates Receive Their First Offer From Our Clients

Be the first to make an offer For 80% of successful candidates, their fastest offer came from our clients. Because we enable you to be faster, you have a 3x higher likelihood to hire sought after talent.

More Than 90% Very Satisfied Or Satisfied Candidates With Cyberview’s Process

Stellar candidate experience By pairing your candidates with a senior cyber security expert and consistently improving our tough but enjoyable tailored assessments, we guarantee very high candidate satisfaction.

CyberView brings efficiency to your Hiring Process

We conduct highly thorough interviews by pairing your candidates with senior cyber security experts from our leading community and assessing them through different challenges.


Send us your candidates

You source the candidates and we suggest a fitting interviewer from our community. After your approval, you send us the CVs of your candidates for testing.

Our experts conduct personalised cyber security interviews

Expert interviewers from our community conduct a thorough 90 minute cyber security interview and assess your candidates specifically for different roles.

Our experts provide a detailed report and video recording

Our expert interviewers evaluate the skills of your candidates and provide a detailed report including a full video recording.

You decide on the right candidate and hire faster

Based on our report & video, your security team conducts a final assessment and personal fit interview with best candidates

Expert interviewers for your candidates

We match your candidates with expert interviewers of our community to prove their cyber skills and expertise. Our expert interviewers have themselves undergone the meticulous interview process and scored amongst the top 5%. They know the ins & outs of cyber interviewing and have already conducted over 1,000 cyber interviews on behalf of leading multinationals.